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Monday - Saturday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
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8 Adrian Avenue, Staples corner, NW2 1LX

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Car Storage Facility

If car storage is what you are looking for, you can be sure that M1 repairs will offer you the highest standards possible and treat your vehicle as though it was our very own. Whether your vehicle is used solely for your daily commutes or whether it is a vintage classic, we have a place ready for you.

Through the use of de-humidifiers, we aim to remove the moisture from the environment where your vehicle is being stored granting it secure and effective protection. The reason this is important is because rust can generate fairly easily if storage conditions are not optimal and you can be sure that M1 repairs will pay attention to every little detail. We also have numerous security features, both covert and visible, ensuring that your vehicle is closely monitored and remains where it is supposed to be at all times.

It is no surprise that M1 repairs have some of the best storage facilities and customers continue to have trust and confidence in us over all of our competitors. Contact us now and let us keep your vehicle safe and sound.